Find Your Visionary Voice & Magnify Your Message 
To Grow Your Business
At The Heart of Enrollment Masterclass You'll:
  • Learn the tools and processes to become a powerful, authentic and effective speaker
  • Learn specific skills to open relationships versus close sales
  • Use accelerated learning techniques for "super-learning" 
  • Facilitate processes and exercises for massive audience transformation and breakthroughs
  • Learn how to manage the energy and create context 
  • Learn how to enroll 100% of your audience
  • Practice the art of speaking from the HEART
  • Structure the first five minutes of your talk, so you can hook your audience and build rapport with the entire room
  •  Begin developing your authentic voice and core message
How This Program Has Transformed Businesses & Lives!
What's Included In The Masterclass?
3 days LIVE in person with Adam Markel. This is an intimate experience where you'll be one of 12 participants learning the art and science of becoming a transformational leader and speaker.
A VIP Evening with Adam Markel. This will be an engaging evening with a delicious dinner, amazing conversation and time to connect 1-on-1 with Adam, The Pivot Team and the other amazing participants.
Our Speaker Facilitator Toolkit which includes processes, exercises and tools you can use when speaking from stage or facilitating a group. These tools will bring you from practice to execution in your own courses, programs and talks.
Support from the Pivot Team! We will be there loving, encouraging and supporting you every single step of the way. No one gets left behind in our world and we will make sure that you stay on track, have the guidance that's required and help you move step-by-step towards your goals.
Upcoming Event Dates
All Heart of Enrollment Masterclasses are held in San Diego, California!
August 16-18, 2019
12 spots available
November 8-10, 2019
12 spots available
Graduates From The Heart of Enrollment Masterclass Say...
"I've come a long way with this class. I came in asking myself what should I be doing. Through the exercises, the partner shares, and all the coaching, I really feel like I've got it!" — Debra Graugnard
"It's so supportive! It's just beautiful. I've never been in another teaching experience that has been so profound!" — Sonya Nagy
"I would recommend this course to anyone! Working with Adam as a trainer and facilitator has been nothing short of phenomenal. I've worked with trainers at the highest levels and I can say that Adam's #1." — Dr. Bob Levine
"Working with Adam has been beyond awesome. He knows how to read people and bring them up to their best in the moment. He's never off his game and it's a joy to watch and receive." — Eric Rosen
"I am not the same person I was when I walked through these doors on Friday!" — Mandie Nickerson
"The lessons, concepts and ideas that were shared in this course can be applied to business and all of life!" 
— Brett Grossman
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"I'm leaving here with a group of skills that I can IMMEDIATELY put into practice. I'm leaving here feeling like I have twelve best friends." — Carolyn Ross
"If you want to be able to successfully speak in front of an audience or any size group, The Heart of Enrollment is just the thing for you!" — Dr. Julee Hafner
"Adam is one of the best trainers I've ever had, and I've had a ton so I can say that!" — Miluna Fausch
"I highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to transform their life! Everything that you learn in this class can be applied to any aspect of your business and life." — Gary Buckmann
"I'll begin to use the techniques and tools that Adam shared with us immediately in my business and personal life! This class has given me specific actionable tools that will help me start my speaking career." — Geoffrey Klein
"I was able to grow in a way that I have not experienced in other seminars that I've attended. This has been an incredible experience!"— Vivian Nesbitt
This program is designed to help you become a World class speaker, teacher and leader. Take your next step and start your journey right now...
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